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Main Informations


Start items:

Start with D13 Max plus items


Maxed Plus:

Max plus is +16, why? We told you guys about no alchemy that's why we decided that +16 will give you nice balance and damage. Also, everyone will be equal.

Mastery Skills:


Permanent buffs:

We enabled infinite buff system so you don't need to worry getting killed while you're buffing and waste your precious 30 seconds to buff yourself. (Chinese players will get all their mastery buffs when they enter hostile areas (no safezone) sorry EU players.

Silk per activity:

Silk per activity already sounds better than silk per hour. Silk per hour you just need to be online (afk) and you get the silk(s). Well with silk per activity you need to earn them easier said you need to kill uniques.

Unique killers:

We got a awesome gift for you guys now if you kill uniques you get a buff, take it as a small achievement for you. As the title says if you kill the unique you get his or her buff like kill Tiger Girl you get her buff and same for other uniques. Note: if someone else kills the unique after you then they will get the buff.

Unique ranks:

We have a teleport in jangan & Alex where is 4 special rooms:
Roots Tree Room.
Roots job Room.
Zielkiaxe's Room.
DEMON job Room.
They all contain strong uniques you must kill and recieve ranking points for unique rank system where every week you get a reward but for that you must be in top 3 to get anything. Note: The system will reset every week.

Equipment Elements:


How to get?

From This Quest only !


You need to take Quest Of Roots Tree From Npc and Kill 3 Unique Only.

Upgrade Moon Items To Seal Of Sun:

You need To get your Moon Item +16 no Adv and Use Scroll Upgrade From the Shop.

Main currencies:

We have two main currencies in our game. We thought to add more currencies but well who the heck needs so many?

How to get?

1- Roots Silk(s): You can get them from silk Vote system and donation.

2- Roots coin(s): You can get them only from capture the flag & Uniques.

3- Awaken Stone of [ Weapon - Armor - Accessory]: You can get them only from FGW.

Other features:

Switch Weps: You can Pm $[RootsBOT] And Choose Switch.
Model: You can Pm $[RootsBOT] And Choose ModelSwitch.
Dye: You can Pm $[RootsBOT] And Choose DyeSwitch.

Trade System:


Normal Trade What Ever just Gives Gold <<
2x Event Trade Gives Double [ Gold & Silk & RC & Honor Scroll Point ]

Honor buffs:


How to get?:

you need to make Trade 5* in Event 2x Double Reward to get [ Scroll Honor point ] 1 Scroll gives 10 point honor rank or you Can buy That Scroll From Special Shop For Silk.


We made a great effort in our server and worked hard in designing our gameplay that's only for you. So we would like to support us, if you interested. All you have to do is participating in our Facebook share events and using our forum signature as your signature. We hope to see you atleast to try our new systems.

Server Time

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Global Time:

Weekly Uniques:
Weekly Update:

About Server

Experience rate: 40x
Party Experience rate: 45x
Gold drop coeficent: 15x
Item drop coeficent: 10x
Gateway Server:
Game Server:
Accounts: 639
Characters: 915
Guilds: 121

Server Info

  • Cap 140
  • Degree 14
  • EXP/SP 40x
  • PT Exp 45x
  • Gold/Drop 15x
  • Race CH/EU
  • Start Gold/SP Yes
  • Vote System Available
  • Tradegoods Enabled
  • Magic-Pop Enabled
  • Alchemy Rate 1.5x
  • Max Weap Opt. +16 (No Adv.)
  • Max Set Opt. +16 (No Adv.)
  • Max Acc's Opt. +16 (No Adv.)

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